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Lego NXT in Schools

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The workshops are designed to promote and engage children in technology and engineering, through the use of Lego NXT. Children are given problems they will need to solve by constructing and programming a machine or robot using a Lego NXT kit. As a result, they will do what in the Technology syllabus is called the technology practice cycle, where students talk with others and work out how these problems have been solved elsewhere (investigate),  come up with ideas on how they will solve the problem (ideate), use the kits they have to solve the problem (produce) and test it to see how well it works and get feedback from other groups (evaluate).

Children can come for just the one day or both days. If they come for more than one day, then they will be given more complex problems to work on and solve. The workshops are completely free of charge, and as such, lunch will not be provided. The last 30 minutes of the session will be spend in clean-up and deconstruction of the kits so they can be used on the following day or so they are ready to be distributed back into schools.

History (rough notes - need to re-write / rephrase!):
  • Shontelle Lewis is responsible for the headache I now have due to Lego NXT
  • Rosie Thrupp, a CQUniversity lecturer is responsible for ensuring the headache gets worse.
  • We are getting too successful, and are having too much fun!

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